Partner With Shield as a Cybersecurity Reseller: An Innovative Data & Network Protection Solution Trusted for Today’s Evolving Security Needs

Shield is redefining cybersecurity solutions for our partners by introducing simple to use, easy to understand, innovative technologies. We help organizations protect and defend their data while ensuring data compliance.

You Be The Hero. We've Got Your Back!

What We Offer To Resellers

Our uniquely effective cybersecurity solutions for resellers help reduce complexity and more importantly address current and future cybersecurity threats. With over 25 years of combined experience in secure document management and collaboration: Trust Shield to protect your sensitive data!

Shield provides enterprise-grade data security and collaboration services at affordable prices for the SMB marketplace. We defend your client’s data with next-generation cybersecurity and network protection tools. Our team of security specialists is here to help you identify and implement the necessary secure and compliant cyber services for your client’s workplace.

Shield powers you to find and patch issues before hackers exploit them. We give you the power to block malicious code hidden in email attachments and web links before they hit your network. With our x-ray vision, you can see when someone tries to hijack your data.

You Be the Hero… We’ve Got Your Back!

It’s our mission to help you and your clients navigate the complex world of cybersecurity with practical and uniquely effective solutions that protect and defend data.

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Technology used by:

  • Cisco
  • Coca-Cola
  • Bank of America
  • Akamai
  • Dell EMC

Your SHIELD solutions utility belt

  • Secure Data Exchange – Email & Fax
  • Secure Data Exchange Mobile App
  • Detection of IP Address Hijacking Attempts
  • Automated Penetration Testing
  • Defence from Malware & Zero Day Attacks
  • Authenticate & Verify User Access

Trust Shield to protect your data and network from the villainous evildoers. Get the leg-up on their attacks by utilizing our arsenal of cyber security utilities for your clients.