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Secure Data Exchange

Shield-SDE prevents attacks against data by ensuring it is encrypted and only accessible to authorized personnel. It also provides secure file and email access for documents and faxes, while improving operations and reducing costs. With Shield-SDE information is easily shared, accessed and analyzed by appropriate personnel both inside and outside of your client’s organization.

Secure Data Exchange Mobile App

Zero-Day and Malware know you have to leave your lair sometime. They have spies everywhere following your mobile agents looking for an opportunity to pounce! The Shield-SDE Mobile App allows your people to share data securely while away from your base of operations.

Detect IP Address Hijacking Attacks

Shield-BGProtect’s X-RAY vision allows you to see where others can’t; alerting your authorities when a villain tries to hijack your data. Once your data leaves your network our continuous IP address space monitoring alerts you when your data takes a detour. Attackers can impersonate any Internet connected victim, allowing eavesdropping, recording and manipulating of Internet traffic. The attacker can implement various man-in-the-middle attacks against your organization and its users, even when strong encryption is used. Any organization can become the victim of an IP hijack. Shield-BGProtect is the only product on the market that provides this type of early warning system.