Shield-SDE Mobile App: Share data securely while you're on the go

The smart way to handle data access. Zero-Day and Malware know you have to leave your lair sometime. They have spies everywhere following your mobile agents looking for an opportunity to pounce! The Shield-SDE Mobile App allows your people to share data securely while away from your base of operations.

You Be The Hero. We've Got Your Back!

Face it… people need to work wherever and whenever. They need access to data and they need to engage with clients, vendors and other staff to get their work done. But hackers are lurching in Internet Cafes, Airport Wi-Fi hotspots and even on commonly used social media sites. You know people use their phones for work and personal stuff. As an extension of our Shield-SDE server the Mobile App keeps them safe when they work from their phones or tablets.

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Unfortunately, it’s continuously at risk of getting stolen or compromised. There are countless methods of accessing files and they are stored in numerous locations; on-premises or in the cloud. In addition, various solutions are used to provide your remote employees, customers and business partners, access to files and data. It’s a lot for anyone to handle; even a team. So you need smarter ways to handle data access. You need Shield to have your back so you can be the Hero!

Shield-SDE Mobile App Benefits

  • Comply with policies and regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc)
  • Prevent file exfiltration, leakage, malware and ransomware
  • Control usage of files
  • End-to-end monitoring of file access flow
  • Files stay in your Shield-SDE Secure and Encrypted Vault
  • Ensure end-to-end security for the entire data access and sharing (email, fax or web)
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android

Shield-SDE Mobile App users retain secure access to their assigned secure folders (Secure Virtual Vaults) through the app. Mobile user data uploaded or received is stored in their secure folder so it never leaves your Shield-SDE server. This ensures a unified look and feel along with the same workflow and experience they are used to when working in the office.