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4 Symptoms Of Weak Corporate Data Security

How strong is your corporate data security? Did you consider assessing your risk and mitigating your vulnerabilities before a hacker exploits any holes in your security? Prevention is the best medicine and that’s why it is important for corporations to remain agile and stay ahead of the curve.   Hackers are targeting organizations of all […]

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3 Vulnerabilities In Your Business Email & How To Fix Them

Email is the language of business. It is how things are getting done. In fact, more than 128 billion business emails are sent and received every day. Emails are ripe for cybercriminal activity. The FBI calls it Business Email Compromise (BEC) and reports that more than $12 billion has been stolen over a five-year stretch. […]

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Maximizing Fax Security In Regulated Industries

Why Are Businesses Still Using Faxes? With the advent of email, you would think faxing would be a thing of the past. However, habit and technical hurdles still make using fax technology easier in some cases. For example, doctors and hospitals need to share media records, but different databases can’t talk to each other digitally. […]

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How Ransomware Has Evolved: Is it Still a Threat?

You may have seen the headlines that ransomware attacks are down so far in 2019. It’s true. Ransomware detection and prevention tools are getting better and that’s helping. However, hackers are evolving as well. They have adapted to detection methods and created new ways to attack. Don’t Be Fooled These headlines shouldn’t give you a […]

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Upcoming Cyber Security Trends to Watch for In 2019

The FBI estimates data breaches and internet crime lead to more than $1.4 billion dollars of losses annually.  In fact, organizations are more at risk from security breaches now than ever before.  Hackers have evolved. With so much money at stake, organized crime is involved.  State actors and international syndicates are on the attack.  Organizations need to […]

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7 Stages of the Hacking Process

Advanced cyber attacks are monumentally meticulous efforts. The amount of planning and execution time it takes to carry out an attack can vary – but are you ready for this? These days, a good hacker can cozy up inside a network for upwards of 200 days on average before they’re discovered. In some cases, such […]

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What You Need To Know About Canadian Data Breach Legislation

Mandatory data breach reporting is now in full effect. Are you prepared? In Canada, the Digital Privacy Act amended the longstanding Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in 2015 to include a mandatory clause regarding required breach notification practices. Accompanying that amendment, the timing of the release of its Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement […]

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