Shield-SDA: Authenticate and Verify User Access

It is time to get tough with Zero-Day and Malware! It is time to shut down attacks from their ransomware and data stealing cohorts! Shield-SDA is like an invisibility cloak that’s hides you from the outside world. It protects you from cyber-attacks. Hackers and Malware can’t steal data if they can’t find your lair. If you (or your data) can’t be seen, you (and your data) can’t be hacked. Only authorized users can work with your data.

You Be The Hero. We've Got Your Back!

Shield-SDA reverse access technology allows only authorized users to work with your data and services. As more workers, clients and vendors access services remotely organizations face a multitude of challenges when securing and monitoring sensitive data against threats. Shield-SDA transparently grants access by separating the access layer from the authentication layer. It authenticates users and verifies their device before providing access.

In today’s interconnected work world users have direct and unrestricted access to data stored on premises or in the cloud. This is a typical workflow reality but if they get infected then Malware can steal your data. Or in worse cases, Ransomware can encrypt your origination’s data stores. Once users have access to your applications and data, Shield-SDA ensures they only use the data allowed by their respective usage and access policies. The data residing inside your organization is completely controlled and protected from the inside out of the network.

Benefits of Shield-SDA

Report on Data Usage

Shield-SDA monitors and audits all user access to applications or data stores. This ensures compliance with real-time dashboards, historical reports and analysis on data usage and risks. Giving you the shortest time to breach discovery and remediation!

Secure File & Email Access

Control access and secure the exchange of any type and size of file between people, applications, cloud solutions, and businesses.

Cloud Storage Access

Control and monitor all data uploaded and downloaded from the enterprise to/from cloud storages.

Secure Hybrid Cloud Access

Simplify migration to the hybrid-cloud architectures, by securely and transparently connecting the cloud to your premise.

Let Shield help you by implementing our zero attack surface data exchange protection in your network. With Shield-SDA you close all the ports on your firewall and migrate your application servers to the LAN.