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Because of the increasing number of data breaches, and the increasing amount of attention being paid to them, governments and companies around the globe are tightening compliance and security requirements.

After 25 years in the secure messaging industry as a fax centric company, we as a group of companies found the ever increasing need for new and innovative products to combat the ever-growing and changing threats within the cyber world.

You can’t win tomorrows war with yesterday’s tools.

Hence the formation of Shield as a company, our Shield team spend countless months researching and testing new and cutting edge products to bring the best and newest of the breed to create a 360 degree solution.

Products that protect; outward in, inward out, and everything between.


Currently the Shield product line consists of;

Shield: SFTP Fax (highest level of secure fax) –

Safe-T: Secure messaging (a conceptual change into secure email) and RSaccess (a revolutionary product that reduce your attack surface into minimum)

Cronus: Attack path scenario penetration testing (the only one that combines the HW and Application vulnerability)

Solebit: Zero Day malicious code protection (a game changer in the field)