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Homeland Security warns MSPs about APT actors

Wednesday October 3rd 12:30pm PST – U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is advising MSPs (managed services providers) and CSPs (cloud services providers) about advanced persistent threat (APT) actors “actively exploiting trust relationships in information technology (IT) service provider networks around the world.” The annoucement to the Department of Homeland Security warning is here. Further […]

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One Way or Another Ransomware Will Get You

Zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player is being distributed in a couple of exploit kits. Attackers are using the previously un-patched flaw in Flash Player to infect victims with Locky or Cerber ransomware. Using exploit kits to move ransomware isn’t new, but does escalate the distribution of Locky, which is well known for large breaches […]

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Exploit What?

Within seconds of visiting a webpage the site begins to gather intel on your system. All this information can be used to pinpoint specific weaknesses in applications, environments, and or browser vulnerabilities. Exploit kits are prolific on the Internet, and open your system up to any number of attacks. Here are 5 ways to securely browse the Internet. […]

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