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Paving the Path to Secure Data Access with Shield-SDA

Recent researches show that six out of ten organizations around the globe have suffered at least one Cyber-attack incident on their networks, applications, websites, critical infrastructures, mobile, etc. The common practice in organizations is to deploy defense layers acting as “walls” and “gates” protecting from intrusions to their internal networks. These defense layers include DMZ […]

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The 360 Degree Approach to Cyber Security

Two trends in particular are driving the new evolution of cyber security for businesses. First, the increasing digitalization of processes and businesses is happening at a breakneck pace.  A cyber-security incident isn’t just something that causes extra hours in a company’s IT department. IT powers business engines along the whole value chain, and a single […]

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Shield 4UC Announces Shield Trunking Service

Vancouver – January 21st, 2016 – Shield 4UC™, a global leader in secure fax data transfer, today announces its release of Shield trunking services. A hosted cloud service for businesses requiring compliant data transfer that allows the efficient exchange of secure fax messages. Shield utilizes SFTP along with AES encryption to allow HylaFax users to […]

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