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Zero-Day Cyber Attacks

Zero-day is an undisclosed software vulnerability that cyber-criminals (hackers) exploit to typically to gain, data that may be used for criminal activity.

It is called “zero-day” because at that point it has not been publicly reported before becoming active, hence where the zero-day comes from as it does not leave time to create patches or advise ways to mitigate against the virus and or malware.

Today’s traditional, antivirus software relies upon historical reported signatures to identify a Virus/malware. This type of historical anti-virus software is effective against signatures that have already been obtained but virtually useless against a zero-day virus/malware because it has not been reported publicly yet, therefore there is no patch or workaround to deal with it.

Until now with the invent of Solebit and its DVC (data verses code) engine, the bases of this engine is code should not be in data.

At the core of Solebit’s solution is a patent-pending DvC engine that distinguishes between code and data buried deep inside data files and streams. The engine locates hidden code that could be executed in any condition, by any type of processor.

This hidden code is often the first step in an attack, allowing the APT operators to gain a foothold in the target environment. Solebit’s engine does not require updates (such as signature updates), and works independently. It does not require connectivity to the Internet, other data repositories, etc.

This engine inspects every, data file, object or stream coming into the network. The engine searches for hidden code instructions, encrypted polymorphic payloads, shell codes and other buried commands in each and every stream.

Any type of unauthorized code that is detected is not allowed into the network, essentially creating a no code zone. These data stream are quarantined for analysis, then immediately alerts the networks IT personal with a report that details the infiltration attempts.

Essentially blocking and protecting your network from Zero-Day malicious viruses/malware.

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