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It’s War

Cyber-crime is on the rise, despite the best efforts of the government and cyber security pros. This criminal activity is driven by the constant expansion of online services as well as the increase of sophisticated cyber criminals whom seem to have endless resources.

We are seeing less and less of the lone hacker working all night to breach a system, but rather organized groups with full business models looking to capitalize on systems weaknesses.

Combine the aforementioned with growth in the cloud area, housing or moving data using third-party cloud providers creates a centralization of data increasing the opportunity for cyber criminals to steal mission critical information from a single attack vector.

Data analysis in large volume (Big Data) increases the load on security personnel. This huge volume of what could be personal data about buyer decisions, their habits and other financial information must be protected.

As internet communication increases using M2M, the chances that appliances can be manipulated by hackers is growing exponentially.

Today the vast majority of the planets infrastructure, such as transportation, power, communications, military, depends on machine to machine communication.

The protection of these networks is critical, as most of these systems are automated.

With so much at stake it is imperative that security personal keep up with newest cutting edge products on the market, evolve and grow as the criminals do.

Using the best tools out there combined with well trained staff to thwart the onslaught that we all face every day.