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Collaboration Cause A Security Threat?

Today, businesses are utilizing team collaboration in an unprecedented way. Of note with the increased growth in online collaboration, introduces a greater security risk to the business.

Online file sharing services, are very popular. Where there are not proper corporate policies set into place an employee can simply sign-up for the cloud-based service and begin sharing documents externally or internally with whoever they want, this in itself is a huge problem.

When one gives up control of corporate data to the cloud it is always a recipe for disaster, especially if it is a third party cloud that an employee has picked at random and the company has not had the opportunity to do their due diligence with regards to the security aspects if the cloud operated company.

Now throw in BYOD.

In the office or out, employees often use their personal equipment to access their company’s shared documents outside the realm of their company‚Äôs network protection. The potential for loss or stolen data, increases exponentially, besides presenting a security risk.

Protect your business is by making secure document sharing is a priority. Policies and procedures are in place to ensure that important documents, data is safe.

Implement a secure content sharing solution that allows IT to set sharing policies is the most effective way.

Work with and train employees to create security mindfulness.

A collaborative environment is always a bonus for a company, create a culture that shares safely and effectively, and you are one step closer in keeping your information safe.