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Sending business information by email is the simplest and most popular way to share files and information between organizations.

As effective as email is for sharing information, if not used securely, it can result in data loss, increased corporate liability, and inability to meet compliance regulations.

When reviewing your overall email picture you must consider:

  • Strengthening control of the organization’s shared sensitive data.
  • Reduce costs of sensitive data distribution
  • Secure, control, and monitor data sent by email
  • Ensure high adoption of secure email using a simple and user friendly interface
  • Simplify end-user credential management and reduce operational complexity and cost.

Secure Email empowers organizations to send sensitive data between applications and users to any application, user, or device. Emails that can be sent to anyone without disrupting the normal routine by not requiring the recipient to install software or exchange keys, eliminating all complicated steps usually associated with sending compliant email will definitely increase the adoption rate.

The ability to send secure, compliant email ad hoc for industries like healthcare, allowing sending emails to any recipient without prior knowledge of the recipient. This simplification for the end user reduces operational cost.

Stay vigilant.