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Pen Test Automation “GOOD”

One of the important changes in the field of hacking prevention has been the release of tools for uncovering network vulnerabilities.

Scanners that can detect exploitation points within your networks, leaving you vulnerable to attack and ultimately breach.

These pen testing tools have a distinct advantage because the process of manual exploitation can produce incorrect results and even cause application crash.

In our view the best of the breed is Cronus; they are the world’s first Machine-Based Penetration Testing software that includes Global Predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) capabilities. Cronus performs continuous penetration testing all year round, not just once a year, including continuous vulnerability assessment for full control of your network 24/7, giving you the ability to react immediately.

With multiple tools to prioritize threats, including the creation of cause and effect Attack Path Scenarios, and has a unique ability unlike any other PT and VA solution to provide a full global view of your network’s risks.

Unlike human penetration testers that reach 0.5-10 assets per day, Cronus can reach hundreds of thousands of assets per day.

Keep in mind automated pen-test tools are now considered to be more reliable and cost effective in helping you protect your network.

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