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Email Breaches

Email breaches are less published then data breaches when it comes to business and government, but they can be just as damaging and costly. The assumption is that basic practices is all that’s needed to ensure protection, many people would be surprised at how even the most rudimentary of practices to protect are still not employed.

Many people still click on unknown links or attachments, without even thinking of the repercussions its almost automatic with the volume of what is received by the average operation in a day particularly is a government situation where the volume can be quite staggering.

Another culprit is poor password protection. Common is 12345678 or QWERTY, often to the frustration of the IT department. Another is red flag is accessing email over unsecured WiFi connections.

It is important that all staff members are made aware and that it is reinforced on ongoing.

Staff also need to be aware that as with in-bound, outbound email is not secure unless a specific secure form of email has be deployed.

Another consideration with the rash of government email leaks that seem to be ongoing is secure in house messaging.

Fortunately, other technologies like SAFE-T have been developed to block the efforts of the hackers;

Email is so common in today’s world; it seems unusual that email security is often a low priority. Different aspects of   security seem always top take front stage; emails are ignored and just assumed to be safe.

Taking the right steps now to protect email systems is necessary to ensure greater security for your organization as a whole.

Please drop me a line, I’ll show you how easy it is to put secure messaging back on your to-do list.