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A better way to stop Malicious Code

The battle against targeted attacks and zero-day-based threats infiltrating the network is an age-old one. It’s true that huge investments have been made in developing new technologies and “advanced-threat protection” solutions, such as sand-boxing and user-behavior analysis, to fight this battle. However, it is still very clear who’s who in the cat-and-mouse game of cyber defense.

At some point in the targeted attack process, the attacker takes advantage of vulnerabilities in desktop/server applications and operating systems to conceal and launch malicious code without the victim’s knowledge or permission.

When examining current state-of-the-art technologies and approaches, several common, “inherent” limitations, surface.

Solebit has created a paradigm shift in addressing targeted attacks through its patent-pending, non-behavioral technology. The technology enables rapid detection and prevention of embedded malicious code in order to overcome the inherent flaws in existing dynamic-analysis methods.

Solebit’s DvC™ Engine searches for hidden code instructions inside data streams that are an essential and inevitable part of the attack chain and blocks them, regardless of code flow (i.e. encrypted, encoded) or size. As such,

Solebit’s technology delivers a conclusive result – “detected code” or “no code” – and blocks items with concealed code from entering the network.

Based on the fact that executable code should not be in data, there is no need to try

to understand whether or not detected code is malicious (the source for most false-

positives in alternative solutions). In addition, SoleGATE does not rely on signatures or external sources (e.g. blacklists, external inputs). As a result, the deterministic platform conclusively detects unknown and zero-day based attacks with a proven false-positive rate of <0.002%.

In sophisticated attacks, the hacker eventually has to use code, which will be detected by SoleGATE. By addressing the attack’s most basic element, the platform offers no evasion opportunities for the attacker.

Since the static-analysis technology rapidly delivers conclusive results (detected or

clean) that do not have to undergo behavioral analysis, SoleGATE immediately blocks malicious content without impacting on performance and user experience.

Since SoleGATE is a virtual appliance, it does not require dedicated hardware for

deployment. In addition, since SoleGATE is environment-agnostic, there is no need

for complicated configuration, and the system can be up and running in just hours.

Shield is the North American partners of Solebit, please feel free to contact me should you have interest or wish a demo of this exciting cutting edge product please contact me via email or via phone toll free 1-855-787-7253.