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430 Million New Unique Malwares Reported!

CISOs are having a hard time keeping up with their companies’ security, now throw into the onslaught of vendors with new tools into the mix, it’s overwhelming.

Because of this, no matter how good the new cutting edge solutions are security officers are cautious. The result is, organizations, not all but some, continue to use older security controls and update the ones they have, when consideration comes for something new it is typically from vendors with a large brand in the industry not necessarily the best products or tools.

This is unfortunate, as many mid-size or new vendors are forced to innovate come up with the better mouse trap and have the ability to move much quicker when something new is required to deal with the onslaught of new malware/viruses from the cyber-criminals of the world.

2015 there was 430 million new unique malwares reported by just one major company involved in the anti-virus industry. With over one half of a billion personal records stolen or lost. Ransomware up 35%, Spear-Phishing up 55% the numbers are staggering

Cyber-criminals are innovating and changing every day CISOs and their staff need to be constantly evolving to keep up with this trend.

So what’s a CISOs to do, first of all get the information they need to judge the effectiveness of promising technology, find the best security tools and demo them in a controlled environment.

If some level of analysis on new products and technologies is not done on a regular bases, you will miss out on new tools that may help improve the way your company is solving its cybersecurity challenges, and we all know what the results are if you are breached.

Easier said than done, tell that to the cyber-criminals.