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What Do You Want To Accomplish From A Pen Test?

Maybe it’s for PCI compliance, Or what about find out what the landscape of your network looks like to an attacker.

Could you have any gaping holes in your website or company applications or you want to test your entire network or just a segment that you are concerned about.

Perhaps, ensure your security staff, and the tools they are using are at the top of their game.

Pen testing is big business because networks are complicated we know how to set them up but have a poor understanding of how to protect them.

What complicates matters is that what we know is secure today, could and does dynamically change tomorrow. So we must constantly re-evaluate our networks and the security surrounding them.

So what do we do, typically we hire penetration testers with the understanding they can sort through the mazes we call networks and tell us where we are vulnerable so we can fix it.

We think that a real person doing pen test is a necessity, but we also think that automated pen testing can be a valuable tool.

One of the gems out there is Cronus; Their product CyBot is a centralized cyber security management solution that bridges geographical and language gaps inherent to global organizations to detect and mitigate sophisticated, global cyber threats.

By aggregating information from multiple CyBot Pro instances in an organization, the CyBot Enterprise creates complex global attack path scenarios involving multiple vulnerabilities and sites.

The findings are then displayed on the unified CyBot dashboard, where organizations can control the resolution of the data based on their needs, for example:

a comprehensive global risk map depicting all environments, or a specifically defined business unit, or all IPs under a specific CyBot Pro instance, or even a specific machine in a specific environment. This happens 24/7 in real-time.

If you are serious about pen testing, this in our opinion is the only way to go.

Ask me about a free proof of value full trial.