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Are You Feeling The Pain Of Security In The Healthcare Industry?

We understand your pain; there is no quick fix that can stop the outbreak of healthcare-related data breaches.

If you need a reminder why medical records are increasingly a target, just think about all the personal identifiable and financial information stored with your medical insurance company, doctor(s), hospital, and other assorted medical services.

There are hundreds of reasons why medical data is so vulnerable first and foremost it is a fragmented industry, electronic records are in the millions brought on by the Affordable Care Act, and medical PII giving greater value to cyber-criminals the sheer numbers at risk speaks volumes to what a huge undertaking it is to protect yourself.

Consider the following numbers;

The top cause of Healthcare breaches at 45% is a brute force attack, simply a trial-and–error attack on every aspect of your network until a breach is obtained.

90% of all Healthcare organizations have been breached, resulting in 99 million Healthcare records breached in Q1 2015.

Average cost of a Healthcare breach is 2.1 million dollars.

It is no wonder that 50% of all Healthcare organizations have little or no confidence their ability to detect patient data loss.

So what’s the answer, first of all there is no singular answer it has to be a complex marriage of personnel and cyber-security tools.

Understanding the complexity and challenges one finds when entering the market place to find cyber-security tools that will help with the daunting task of securing your network, can be overwhelming.

So we knowing your pain took the time to seek out partners that we feel have the best of class, new cutting-edge cyber security products, secure messaging, and services. Saving you the research time, aggravation of trying to source out the right products for yourself, in a sea of products and services.

If you are feeling the pain, take a moment and reach out to me, I have the cure.

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