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Healthcare organizations sit on top of enormous amounts of sensitive data covering patients’ medical records, doctor and faculty details as well as processes and information that is highly confidential. Currently used tools provide great sharing and access capabilities, yet also make such medical institutions’ data easily accessible to outside sources, and thus the data is not truly secure.

Healthcare and medical data security needs:

  • Enhanced patient services: Providing secured data exchange services between doctors, patients and health institutions may improve the overall services provided, as well as provide speedy responses, having all information accessible to appropriate personnel.
  • Remote access: Personnel may update and access viable patients’ information while away from the health institution, thus always keeping it up to date and accessible per need without the need to be on-premises.
  • HIPAA regulatory complaint: Maintaining HIPAA regulation as well as high security provides health organization the ability to focus on the patients and services required.
  • Ongoing monitoring of data exchange: All medical data exchanged, such as records, results, insurance data and more is constantly monitored, as to keep track of health data exchange, medical personnel accessed, and maintaining high security as to avoid wrongful distribution or access of such confidential data.

We feel that the solution is Shield-SDE

  • Whether ad hoc or registered, all medical customers are supported
  • Decreased resources and development expenses as Shield-SDE covers all data exchange and access points including mobile application
  • Easily expand security layers to the file exchange and document uploading, making sure all access is secured
  • Do not change your work habits as Shield-SDE’s platform and interface allows employees to keep working normally with the added security in place

High-risk Data Security (HDS) Solution from Shield:

  • Health institutions are secured by the Shield-SDE (Secured Data Exchange) broker platform for in-and-out data exchange.
  • Data access is secured into medical applications, protecting data and preventing criminal application access with Shield-SDA (Secure Data Access) solution.

Want to learn more about Shield-SDE or Shield-SDA drop me a line