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Shield-SDE helps you move beyond Fax(ploit)

Checkpoint researchers recently compromised a HP Multi-Function Device by sending it a fax. The device was connected to a telephone line yet they were able to take control of a computer on the same network as the HP device. It’s actually a pretty cool exploit… they call it Faxploit. Thankfully the good guys did it first so we can take action before malware and hackers try something similar.

So Faxploit is a good reason to finally swap out traditional fax. But how? Well, Shield’s secure messaging and collaboration platform includes a secure fax service so you can easily and cheaply switch to it. Shield-SDE, along with its Mobile app, transforms how documents are shared and allows faxes to be sent and received without the cost of analog lines or potentially vulnerable multi-function & fax devices.

Obviously you should update your affected HP devices right away. Here is a link to do that:
Other device manufactures might find similar flaws so please watch for these and patch affected systems accordingly. However, this is the perfect opportunity to replace fax devices. We don’t need another attack vector and our SecureFax cloud offers an encrypted messaging solution that exceeds regulatory requirements. It also operates in a way that isolates our customers from malicious activity. Talk to us about fax solutions that eliminate the need for telephone lines and even fax machines. You be the hero… we’ve got your back!

Here is the report from Checkpoint:

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