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Take charge know your weaknesses before the criminals find them.

No matter how careful you are, security incidents can and will happen, in the current vulnerability and threat reality that we work in you should not wonder if it will happen but when. Being prepared can mitigate the odds of a breach.

Take charge know your weaknesses before the criminals find them, maximize your odds by being prepared.

Those who shrug off preventive security are walking blind through a forest of predators not knowing when or where they could get attacked.

One of the simplest and common sense ways to protect your network is to know where your network is weak so that you can fortify it.

We feel that Cronus a 24/7 pen testing with attack path scenario is the most logical inexpensive step when moving towards a secure network;

The Cronus CyBot product suite uses patented algorithms to imitate human hacker behavior and perform around-the-clock penetration testing on all IP-based components in an environment − including infrastructure, applications and databases – to find vulnerabilities and complex attack path scenarios in real-time.

This is done using patented scanning technology that is both silent and 100 times faster than all other existing technologies, minimizing the disturbance caused to organizations and critical systems.

A proprietary Reasoning Engine (patent pending) uses the real-time information about identified vulnerabilities to predict multi-level, dynamic, and complex attack path scenarios.

When deployed in global, multi-site enterprises, information is shared across sites to depict global attack path scenarios.

As the representatives for Cronus in North America we invite you to take Cronus for a free no risk test drive and find out how this great tool can save you millions of dollars.

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