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HIPAA Compliant AD HOC E-Mail

Healthcare organizations sit on top of enormous amounts of sensitive data covering patients’ medical records, doctor and faculty details as well as processes and information that is highly confidential. Currently used tools provide great sharing and access capabilities, yet also make such medical institutions’ data easily accessible to outside sources, and thus the data is […]

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One Way or Another Ransomware Will Get You

Zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player is being distributed in a couple of exploit kits. Attackers are using the previously un-patched flaw in Flash Player to infect victims with Locky or Cerber ransomware. Using exploit kits to move ransomware isn’t new, but does escalate the distribution of Locky, which is well known for large breaches […]

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Pen Test Automation “GOOD”

One of the important changes in the field of hacking prevention has been the release of tools for uncovering network vulnerabilities. Scanners that can detect exploitation points within your networks, leaving you vulnerable to attack and ultimately breach. These pen testing tools have a distinct advantage because the process of manual exploitation can produce incorrect […]

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PHI and Secure E-mail

Almost daily there is a story about a breach floating around in the news cycle. In today’s world of big data and the methods we share information, your sensitive data is always at risk. Your data is valuable, to every cyber criminal out there. What about Electronic Health Information, what type of precautions have you […]

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Sending business information by email is the simplest and most popular way to share files and information between organizations. As effective as email is for sharing information, if not used securely, it can result in data loss, increased corporate liability, and inability to meet compliance regulations. When reviewing your overall email picture there are many things you must consider.


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Legal Email: Do You Think You’re Secure?

The ramifications of a legal breach can be catastrophic, loss of client trust, litigation, jeopardize a case; the list goes on and on. A standard of communication for most lawyers is through email, and lawyers need to make best efforts to prevent exposure of client confidential communications. […]

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Accounting Critical

It is critical that accountants be up to date and aware in the area of cybersecurity to safeguard the client and corporate financial information. Poor communication between managers and the application of fundamental risk management cybersecurity practices needs to be applied more consistently throughout a large percentage of firms. […]

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Locky: It’s Back

Yes Locky is back. One of the most prolific ransomware of our time that pretty well cornered the ransomware market in the first half of 2016. Locky suddenly dropped off the face of the earth in June 2016, and the thought was that it’s gone. Recently a few thousand spam emails with a new version of Locky, deemed the “Double Zipped Locky,” has begun distribution. Hidden in a zip file with the hopes that an unknowing victim will think they have a document and open it. […]

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