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430 Million New Unique Malwares Reported!

CISOs are having a hard time keeping up with their companies’ security, now throw into the onslaught of vendors with new tools into the mix, it’s overwhelming. Because of this, no matter how good the new cutting edge solutions are security officers are cautious. The result is, organizations, not all but some, continue to use […]

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Zero Attack Surface RSAccess

Recent researches show that six out of ten organizations around the globe have suffered at least one Cyber-attack incident on their networks, applications, websites, critical infrastructures, mobile, etc. The common practice in organizations is to deploy defense layers acting as “walls” and “gates” protecting from intrusions to their internal networks. These defense layers include DMZ […]

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It’s War

Cyber-crime is on the rise, despite the best efforts of the government and cyber security pros. This criminal activity is driven by the constant expansion of online services as well as the increase of sophisticated cyber criminals whom seem to have endless resources. We are seeing less and less of the lone hacker working all […]

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Banks Leave The Front Door Open?

Cyber-attacks against the banking industry have soared in the last few years. And financial institutions now face 300% more attacks than any other industry. Comparatively with other industries, the financial services industry isn’t shy where it comes to cyber security investment and generally has a superior level of protection. But this attracts a more sophisticated […]

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AV Products Miss Nearly 70% Of Malware?

A State of Infections report that I just went through, finds that within the first hour of submission, AV products missed nearly 70 percent of malware.

AV is not effective 100% of the time. Viruses change, new malware appears on a daily bases. It is Time to take a new approach, by reducing the dependency on people, not eliminating them as we believe that it must be a combination effort. But more so augment the people effort with a tool that can run 24/7 in real-time, because of the sheer volume of viruses and malware. […]

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77% Of All Breaches Come Through Email

In a recent study I read that 77% of all breaches came through email, with all the sophisticated anti-virus programs out there one has to ask themselves why. One of the reasons is that new or derivatives of malware and viruses come out every day, it is a virtual production line of malicious malware, being […]

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Zero-Day Cyber Attacks

Zero-day is an undisclosed software vulnerability that cyber-criminals (hackers) exploit to typically to gain, data that may be used for criminal activity. It is called “zero-day” because at that point it has not been publicly reported before becoming active, hence where the zero-day comes from as it does not leave time to create patches or […]

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Are You The Root Cause Of Cyber Breaches?

With cyber breaches, we tend to focus on technology; however these events mostly happen because of employee behavior. It could be as simple as a well-meaning employee sending business documents home to work over the weekend, or a weak BYOD policy and a laptop was stolen, or because an email with a malicious code was […]

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Email Breaches

Email breaches are less published then data breaches when it comes to business and government, but they can be just as damaging and costly. The assumption is that basic practices is all that’s needed to ensure protection, many people would be surprised at how even the most rudimentary of practices to protect are still not employed. […]

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